Evelyn Rosier (Pure-Blood)

1952-2022 (Aged 70)

Attended Hogwarts 1963-1970


Slytherin Seeker

Slytherin Head Girl

Evelyn was born and grew up in Hogsmeade.  She became really good friends with Laurentis Selwyn and attended Hogwarts at the same time as him.  Throughout the years Evelyn became really close to Laurentis.  The two were both members of the Slytherin Quidditch Team along with Regulus Black, a good friend of Laurentis, they were both also Head Boy and Head Girl.  In the summer of 1968 everything seemed to become perfect for Evelyn.  She and Laurentis became Head Boy and Girl, the two started to date, and Laurentis had been appointed Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch Team.  The bliss that Evelyn experienced during the next year was very short lasting.  Evelyn and Laurentis broke up and at the end of that year at Hogwarts Laurentis and Regulus Black became Death Eaters.  Evelyn was devastated, she knew from her father being a Death Eater how terrible it was to serve Voldemort.  It seemed as if Laurentis would not listen to her, but he had.  Laurentis saught a way to rid himself from the servitude of Voldemort.  Regulus later secretly told Laurentis of Voldemort's secret, his horcruxes.  A few years later Evelyn heard about the death of Regulus and cried to herself for many days because she did not wish the same fate for Laurentis.  A year or so after that Evelyn was relayed the news that Laurentis had been sent to Azkaban Prison.  She thought that there was no longer any hope for her dear friend and tried to move along with her life.  Once Evelyn was almost 40 years of age she found out about the Mass Breakout from Azkaban, and that Laurentis had been one of the ones who had escaped.  Within the year Laurentis was able to find Evelyn.  He apologized for 30 years worth of making her suffer and asked if she would help hide him from the Ministry of Magic.  She agreed and the two secretly married themselves, Evelyn had stolen a marriage certificate from Ministry branch in Hogsmeade.  Evelyn knew of a secret passage from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts and begged Laurentis to speak to Dumbledore.  Laurentis went during the summer so as to avoid all students.  After the return of Voldemort Laurentis knew that the Dark Lord would come after him.  He left Evelyn and went into hiding at Godric's Hollow.  Evelyn never got the cance to see him again, but she heard of his appearance in the Second Wizarding War.  Evelyn came up to Hogwarts Castle from time to time to talk to McGonagall about life.  McGonagall never told Evelyn that she was the one who had killed her husband.  Evelyn died of a heart attack after a muggle break-in at her house when Evelyn was 70...a week after her 27th wedding anniversary.