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  • Sally5217

    Dear Harry Potter Wikier,

    Hi, i'm back. I was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and a question come up to me.the question is :Who took the most effort for killing Voldomort?i mean if it wont for Dumbledore ,then Harry wouldn't know what to do.But if it wont for Harry then Voldomort would be still alive,in the book of course.But if it wont for Voldomort then Harry wouldn't be Voldomort worst enimy, and wouldn't kill yeah it's confusing.

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  • Sally5217

    Dear harry potter wikier,

    Hi it's me again.i am truely sorry that i didn't get to post this on earlier,because i was the main point now.

    You guess must have watch Oscar sunday right.i can't beleave Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow part 2 (the movie) didn't get any Oscar award .i think the make up award should go to Harry Pottter and the Deathly Hollow part 2 .look at the goblin at first when i watch i was kinda scared of them because they were hideous.and voldomort,you know the actor he didn't loose his nose,well they make his nose disapper like they were broken.i'm veary mad because HP and the Deathly Hollow.can someone out tthere help me calm down!

    Bye,please answer to me quick.i will be back next week.bye again.answer me qui…

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  • Sally5217

    Dear Harry Potter wikier,

    Just so you know this letter will be short. Somne people do not read short letter. So i would like you (ramdom person from Harry Potter) to read this.

    i was just wander if you guys (girls too) can tell me to put the picture blank picture thingie.well i guess that the end of this paragraph.

    just so you know i'm quite new. And if i spell anything incorrect ,just so you know i'm only in 4th grade.bye.



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