• Saga essenstein

    Scorose No

    February 7, 2016 by Saga essenstein

    I don't think Scorose should be shipped. God, that would be a NIGHTMARE!!! Do you know how mad Ron would be, how infuriated Draco would be ("my father will hear abou this!") and how...well, Hermione would probably be grossed out too. And Rose? Well, there are all these fanfics where Rose does end up with Scorpius, but I like the ones that my friends and I write where Rose beats Scorpius in every test and also insults him at every opportunity, with help from her cousins James, Fred, and Al. I think that's such a good variety, better at least than the cliché love stuff where the good guy ends up with the bad guy (or in this case the good GIRL). So for all you horrible people out there: I do not ship Scorose!

    P. S. Rose is Gryffindor too, of c…

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