New Harry Potter Fan-Fiction

I'm working on a Harry Potter fanfiction, this fan-fic is about the Harry Potter series but not only am I adding my character into the story I am making it be about what else goes on at Hogwarts that the movie or books don't show. It's another side to the school. I will have my story will be about Harry Potter adventures but  my charater wont be invloved as much as other fan-fics. The reasons I'm writing this fan-fic like this is because I've read so many fan-fic that they just add their charater into the harry potter story line and his adventures; I have read some not well fan-fics like this but i do find some fan-fic that do that but make it really good; I wanted to write a fan-fic that explores the other side of hogwarts where trolls aren't in the school or when theres no war going on. Of course I will be staying true to the story line and harry potter adventures as well. Of course I know I don't own Harry Potter and I don't want to make it sound like I do. But I'm also all ears to ideas about events or new character or even any ideas about what should be in or mention in my fan-fic. i won't claim any of suggestions or ideas that anyone gives me. I have already started writing and I will be posting soon on my account on

I should also say that it will be about Fred Weasley and my character, don't worry I'll will be following the events by the book, and some by the movie; it'll be a mix of both. though I will completely surpise you by the ending, because it wont be by the book or the movie it'll my ending. my little twist.