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Lavender Brown

I was reading the page about Lavender Brown, "and I found something rather odd..." [LOL Half Blood Prince]. But anyway i was reading and saw this picture of lavender in her second year.

So i noticed that she had dark skin (not to be rude at all). I was just confused because in her sixth year, she is not. There are also two other pictures of Lavender in her thrid year.

Now there is a picture of Lavender Brown in her sixth year. Do you see my confusion? Please comment on this page to help me clear up my confusion. Thanks :)
Lavender Brown 3rd year 01

Lavender in Divination Class with Pavarti

Lavender Brown 3rd year 02

Lavender in Divination class.

Lavender Brown 2nd year

Lavender Brown 2nd year in Herbolody class.

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