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Hermione and Bellatrix: The Cruciatus Curse

As it says in the Cruciatus Curse page in Harry Potter Wiki, Hermione was tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange in the Malfoy Manor. However, you do hear her scream while Harry and Ron are in the dungeon,

Hermione and Bellatrix

Bellatrix Standing over Hermione

you may think that Bellatrix is using the cruciatus curse on her, while its happeing, you see bellatrix put her

mouth near Hermione's hand and then she starts screaming. However, when she is shown after, she has the word "mudblood" on her arm probably ripped of scratched on. Possibly by Bellatrix's mouth when she moves it near Hermione's arm. So, from that, it see

ms like she didn't

Hermione's Arm Mudblood

Hermione's arm after her torturing

use the Cruciatus Curse on her, but just bit her arm (or something like that) to say "mudblood"

(which is so horrible). It just seemed

unusual to me. Any comments?

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