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    Dear Santa...

    December 29, 2012 by ProfessorTofty

    So, it's a bit late, but for Christmas, the Harry Potter Wiki asked if you had any Harry Potter related items on your list for Christmas. Here's what you had to say:

    • Yes - Wonderbook: Book of Spells - 11.55% (227 votes)
    • Yes - Harry Potter for Kinect - 3.87% (76 votes)
    • Yes - Harry Potter Wizard's Collection - 12.72% (250 votes)
    • Yes - Harry Potter Limited Edition - 3.76% (74 votes)
    • Yes - Something else - 50.71% (997 votes)
    • No - 17.4% (342 votes)

    So, all in all, over 80% of our readers were hoping for at least something Harry Potter related for Christmas. But if they asked, did they receive? That's the subject of our next poll, so get in those votes, and in the next couple of weeks, we'll reveal just how many got at least some of what they wished for.

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  • ProfessorTofty

    Harry Potter Wiki readers - ever wished you could travel back in time? Well, now you can with our new feature - Harry Potter Wiki: Time-Turner. The Time-Turner takes you back in time, allowing you to easily view one of our pages as it appeared in the past, with a new past revision featured every so often.

    We begin with a previous revision of Harry Potter. This revision, dated February 28, 2006, allows you to see exactly how our article for Harry Potter looked back when it was first chosen as a featured article. At the time, the page was only about 6 KB in size. Only some basic biography info, one picture and a family tree were present, and only info through the first four films and six books, as the rest hadn't been released yet. We've real…

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    Well, I'm back and rested from my trip to San Francisco. The trip was great - the travel there went smoothly and everything went well checking into the hotel. After getting situated in, I spent a good portion of the night sleeping and got up early the next day for the trip to Wikia headquarters.

    It was a rainy morning, but I had my umbrella and I made it in without getting too wet. Things cleared up somewhat later in the day and it stopped raining.

    At Wikia's headquarters, I was introduced to the tool that they use to create videos upon request. It's a neat program that has access to a lot of video, including all of the Harry Potter movies. Unfortunately, that particular service was acting rather flaky at the time (the fault of the third-par…

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    Well, my trip has begun and I am now on my way to Wikia's headquarters, where I shall discover the deepest secrets of Wikia. ... ... Okay, well, maybe not, but it should be a good time.

    Currently I am in the Dallas Airport, waiting for the trip to San Francisco. Trip's been fine so far - flight to Dallas departed a bit later than scheduled, but then arrived earlier than scheduled, so I've got a bit of extra time.

    I'll keep you updated here as the trip continues, so watch this spot. And if you have any questions or anything about Wikia (the headquarters), you can ask them here, and I'll see if maybe I can answer them.

    Day 2 - Morning

    I am in San Francisco - I am scheduled to arrive at Wikia's headquarters in about an hour. Trip was fine - flig…

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    Harry Potter fans - if you've been waiting for Wonderbook: Book of Spells, now is your chance. It's Black Friday, and there's not likely to be any better deals on this new and exciting Harry Potter video game title anytime soon. I just purchased the Wonderbook with PlayStation Move and Eye camera on Amazon, but you have choices, so let's break them down:

    - PlayStation Move Bundle with PlayStation Eye camera on Amazon - You can find this here. The price is $49.99 and if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping in two business days (though it's noted that it "may take an additional 1-2 days to process") or if you don't have Prime, you have the option of free "Super Saver Shipping," but you may have to wait a while to get it.

    - Regular game with…

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