A little while back, in association with Wikia, the Harry Potter Wiki had its first ever Reading Club. Over a couple of weeks, we discussed Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It was enjoyed so much that we've decided to bring it back!

Join us at 7 P.M. eastern on Wednesday, February 20 (that's 4 P.M. western) for the first part of the chat for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The chat will last for about an hour. Come having read Chapters 1-9 and join us for the following questions:

  1. Is this anyone's first time reading Chamber of Secrets?
  2. Did these chapters disappoint you in any way? If so, how would you change them to better live up to your expectations?
  3. Did you think the characters and their decisions or problems were realistic? Do you think the author was trying to make them so? If so, how do you think they failed?
  4. What was your initial take on Gilderoy Lockhart? If you could buy any of his works, would you and which one?
  5. What was your favourite chapter so far? Was there a passage you liked best?
  6. Which do you feel the author described best; plot, events or characters?
  7. How did these chapters make you feel?
  8. Would you recommend this book, based on what you've read so far, to your friends or family?

If your fancy isn't tickled by these questions, don't worry. You're welcome to bring up other things that catch your interest, and there'll be plenty of follow-up discussion. Those who haven't already that are interested are asked to leave a message on the talk page of Hunnie Bunn, though last minute drop-ins are welcome, provided they've read the book. If you've read before, but it's been a while, this is an excellent chance to catch up.