Well, these results are in a bit late, but in the latest Harry Potter Wiki poll, I asked visitors what their plans were for getting the new script book of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Judging from the response, it's clear to see that enthusiasm for the franchise has not waned, at least here.

Of the total voters, 267 or 28.68% said that they would be at a midnight release party for the book if at all possible. I was at one myself and I can tell you, it was a good time, and well worth the wait. A further 198 respondents, or 21.27% replied that midnight was too late for them, but they were still planning to get the book on the first day it was out, making for nearly 50% of respondents that planned to buy it on the first day. Only 70 voters, or 7.52% said that they simply weren't interested in the book at all. Perhaps their enthusiasm for the franchise has dampened in time, or maybe they were turned off by the script book idea or feelings that the series just didn't need to be continued. For those, I encourage you to at least give it a shot - this is a great story! 23 respondents, or 2.47%, said that they weren't planning to get the book because they're going to see the play! Well, congrats to you and let's hope that the play eventually makes it outside of Britain.

Now that the wait is over, the thoughts of our poll now turn to what you actually thought of the story. Was it worth the wait, or were you disappointed? I know how I feel, but head on over to the homepage and make your thoughts known in the newest poll.