Our Time-Turner feature on the Harry Potter Wiki continues, thanks to the help of Hunnie Bunn.

Take a trip back into the history of the Harry Potter Wiki with Harry Potter Wiki:Time-Turner - Minerva McGonagall. This time around, we look back at the article as it was on August 6, 2007, about two years and a month after the Harry Potter Wiki was first founded. Things have come a long way since then, as Minerva McGonagall is now a thriving, featured article with numerous sections and, of course, the latest info from Pottermore. In fact, a while back, McGonagall's page was featured on Wikia as our choice for the best article on the wiki.

Looking back to 2007, while the page was much shorter, many of the basics were still in place, including some biographical info and an infobox (with the colours of Gryffindor at the time). Some things were a bit more informal, such as lines like "No one could have ever been in any doubt as to who was in charge when Professor McGonagall was teaching a class" and for lack of a Behind the scenes section, a couple of the books are mentioned within the article. Still, the article was quite detailed for that time in the history of the Wiki, given McGonagall's status as a somewhat more minor character and, while reasonably well-liked, not quite as popular in comparison to certain other characters.