Hallowe'en has come, and the ghosts and goblins are out!

We celebrate Hallowe'een here on the Harry Potter Wiki, but for Harry Potter, Hallowe'en brings mixed feelings, as this way the day that he lost his parents, James and Lily Potter to Lord Voldemort, who was certainly out on on trick-or-treating expedition that night.

On the other hand, Hallowe'en brought the delicious Hallowe'en feast, but also thrills and danger in the form of Quirinus Quirrell's first mountain troll and the Deathday Party for Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, followed by Harry's hearing a strange voice and the discovery of the opening of the Chamber of Secrets. 31 October was also the day of Sirius Black's attack on the Fat Lady and the fateful day when Harry learned that he was fourth champion in the Triwizard Tournament.

It's also interesting to consider Hallowe'en holiday in the books. Hallowe'en was significant in each of the first four books, but didn't play a role at all in any of the final three, unless you count the flashback in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Why Rowling chose to do it this way is uncertain, but even so, there's no doubt that Hallowe'en was of key importance to the series.

So, how about you, Potter fans? Any plans to dress up in Harry Potter-themed Hallowe'een costumes, or maybe your kids? Seen any interesting Harry Potter Hallowe'en themed displays in your neighbourhood? Share it here!