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  • ParryHotterHero

    I love this site. I really do. It's got some awesome stuff here about the HP world.

    BUT. There's still a lot of work to do. Some pages aren't there and some of the stuff that's on the pages that are there needs to be worked over.reworded or clarified.

    I'm an HP nerd all right...seen the movies many times over and have read and re-read the books...I'm glad that someone other than Wikipedia or HP Lexicon endeavors to catalog the wizarding world online. Some day, if it isn't here already, those curious about our world will come here to learn about it.

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  • ParryHotterHero

    Edits and such.

    July 11, 2011 by ParryHotterHero

    Hey all. Not used to this format yet, so forgive me if I'm a bit awkward here.

    I edited a part of the Hufflepuff Cup page because it said that in the film Harry is "presumed to know what the cup will look like just as he knew the locket in the courtroom", but that doesn't make sense..since Harry knew the locket "by sight" because he'd already seen the fake locket/already knew what it looked like because of that (and he knew that Umbridge had it, too). So in HP7 Part 2, he'll likely "know" the real cup in the vault because he'll be drawn to it, since Vodemort's soul "speaks" to him and he has a special attachment to Horcruxes, being a "proto-Horcrux" himself.  :) I noticed the "error" last night while looking up Horcruxes, LOL.

    Also with t…

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