Percival Grave's wand {though not stated in any reliable source} was Probably 15 inch Ebony with Wampus tail hair core. 

Disclaimer:   this is my own opinion baced on my interpritation of the lore. I have no affiliation with JK Rowling or WB.  

Also this is going to be a longer blog compaired to my usual educated guess blogs, due to the speculation involved.

What we know.

Baced on what is seen in the movie. Percival graves had a 15 inch jet black wand 

with silver imbellishments on it, giving it a regal apperence.      The only known Wandmaker I can find that creates wands with what appeeres to be a silver inlay would be Johannes Jonker, and he acctually used Mother of pearl.



From what we see in Fantastic Beasts {granted this was GrindleGraveshe was very combative and agressive in his movements. The only spells we see him cast in a dueling situation is transfigureing the ambiont air around him into lighting to cuse Newt Scamander, and to manipulate the rail road tracks.

This fits well with the Pottermore description of Ebony wand wood.  Ebony is desrcibed as"This jet black wood has an impressive apperence and reputation,Being highly suited for all mannor of combative magic and Transfiguration. Ebony is happiest in the hands of those with the curage to be themselves. Frequentley non-comformist, highly idividual or confortable with the status of outsider. Ebony wands have been found in both the hands of The Order of the Phoenix, and the death eaters. In my expierience {Gerrick Ollivander} ebony wand's perfect match is one who will hold fast to his or her beliefs, no matter the external pressure. they will not be lightly swayed from thier purpose."        This all fits well with what we know of graves. Assuming that the potrayal that Grindlewald gives is accurate to how the man himself was {given that until the end no one knew he wasn't graves} then we can guess how he behaved under fire.                                                                                                                                                                           In Fantastic Beasts we see Percival Graves use quite allot of impressive magic. what little we see of the wand has been,Transfiguration,or combative magic. Fitting well with the description given by Pottermore.

Wampus cat hair.

Okay, here is were the real speculation happens.

There is absolutely nothing describeing the proportys of wampus hair so this is what I have put together based on the description of the animal and the Ilvermorny House traits with a little guess work.

Wampus cat hair is best suited for a weilder with a talent for dueling. Many witches and wizards prefer wands of wampus do to thier powerful magic production, wide array of magic,and it's connection to mental magic such as Legilamicy. wampus hair would be a spectacular choice for any duelist. it has a powerful magic production, and is commenly used with quick hexes,jinxis or transfiguration. A wand of Wampus is a incredibly loyal but has a rare trait that it {like Dragon heart string} can be won from thier owners if defeated in a duel. Thier is a commen misconseption that Wampus wands only choose witches or wizards who are athleticly inclined, this is complete bullocks! I have sold many wampus wands to rather routund or unathletic magicians.this wand is not incredibly out of the ordenary when it comes to the Dark arts. The only acception is the Imperious Curse which it has a unusual talent with, though it will not go to the dark arts on it's own. I have found that wampus wands have no knowlage of the law, takeing on any code that it's owner belives. if won, this trait is difficult to change, but it will eventually adapt to the new code.

Remember this is mostly guesswork on one of the coolest charecters in my opinion. Remember this is just as correct as anything elce made by any other nerd with a wiki account until JK Rowling releases the proportys of the wand. So please be civil and don't be a troll. if you are I'll have to have Harry,Ron,and Hermione fight you in the girls bathroom.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.Olliveander (talk) 07:06, November 27, 2017 (UTC)Ollivander.