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  • I live in SOVIET RUSSIA!
  • My occupation is General.
  • I am Hermaphrodite.
  • Nikolai Krukov

    Fanfiction's just a way for people to attempt to write while borrowing others ideas. It can work out right, yes. Most of the times it doesn't, because most fanfiction writers (12 year old girls) don't strive to become actual writers.

    The worst of it is when folks write with a script format, but they're obviously not trying to write a script or any sort of play. They're just trying to be lazy and that bugs me.

    Fanfiction is good for begining writers, but it's not something that one should keep doing if they want to improve. Self-creation is the key to opening the worlds of writing. To unlock the secrets of the inner mind, and perhaps, write the very next Harry Potter.

    Superficially speaking, as Harry Potter has already been written.

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