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Oh the Great Outdoors

How I like to be here, Hogwarts.

- Why.?

- Well. If you concentrate, I wanna show you, something.

- Please, focus. ¡Alocus!

Hello, I am your professor for this lesson. What I'v shown is just a alohomora of Herbology. You see, what you see ; is veritaserum .  

- The spaces in a Cube; are the emptyness. Anahata ; ; 2 : follow . 1. 2, 3,4, 5, 6 , 7 ,8 9, and 10. ; That means over. 

- ¿Wingardium leviossa!

- It's leviossa.

- ¿Wingardium leviossa!

- Veritasserumissimo. Solid gold Dear ; this lifts me in a manner never been told. I've been here in travelling through The time. 

- I'm very much well pleased ; To Tell You the Truth y. y do u have to travell back in time ? Truth.

- Mr. Strongskrumnp. Who is it you've been abput? Say to me. Now.

- ¡My wand!

- ¿Aguamenti!

- Miraculous.

- Turn the water into wine. Truth. I'm the Crist. Records. Have been made ; will ; to your honor.

- ¡No ; disarmonous!

- ¿Why!

- lol

- you forgot The dot

- It's dot. You're right ; unterrible right. What a wonder.

- Hey ; I'm learning. Alright ; Class dissmissed. ¿It's not a curse!

- Who is coming ... This time? I've cured cancer. Whith my magic. Faithbethouthi. Tautologiac. PRow mana. Inchantare taran mana prow

- Prosaic. I prefer lyric. ñ. I am with you this evening. Neruda.

- Maha.

- Mana