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    Welcome to the first ever National Quidditch League's News! I saw Quidditch World Cup 2014, and I thought, what riots came to the league.

    Janurary 21, 2014

    Snow started falling down in Portree Sports Complex of Soccer and Quidditch. Awkward weather to play Quidditch in. Just then a Inferius appeared, like in the QWC 2014, and attacked Pride left attacker John Daily. Then they fought againest each other. Muggles Mascot "Richman" and Pride mascot "Benson" and even referees CJ Williams and John Reddy tried to stop the fight. Daily was suspended for the game and the Inferi was captured. And the Pride won it, being 101-14, while the Muggles suffered a 0-115 stadings, eliminating them in playoff continuon.

    March, 28, 2014

    Rain slithered like never b…

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