I conjured a rather crazy idea, but what if Rolf Scamander… wait for it… is actually a grown-up Rolf from legendary Cartoon Network TV cartoon, Ed, Edd n Eddy!? It would explain why the country that Ed, Edd n Eddy-version Rolf hails from is unknown to the regular world and why he possesses some extremely uncanny traditions, as well as the most unnatural cuisine. Not to mention qualities which would only make sense if he had some magic running through his veins. For example, in the episode "Cry Ed," he has claimed to witness a meatball, which possesses a bloodcurdling scream, stalking his goat in the middle of the night. A stalker-meatball with a blood-curdling scream? Sounds like some magical creature that hails from a magical world, possibly one not dissimilar to that of Harry Potter. And to witness magical creatures you need to have magical blood. Also, Harry Potter-version Rolf Scamander is the grandson of famed magizoologist Newt Scamander, and Rolf Scamander similarly grows up to become a magizoologist. Get this… E,EnE-version Rolf is a farmer. Now, wait and hear me out! I understand the rather clear distinction between a regular Muggle farmer and a magizoologist, I just thought it was interesting how Newt's job required him to be associated with animals, as did his grandson Rolf Scamander, and then there's Rolf from Ed, Edd n Eddy who is a farmer, whose responsibility is to tend to crops and, whaddyaknow, animals. Sure, they're not the same, but that's where E,EnE-Rolf's story of his transition from regular animals to wizarding animals would develop from, or something similar. Also, allow me to reiterate that Rolf Scamander's adult profession as the Chief Consulting Magizoologist for the Daily Prophet, is just that, it is his adult profession, and an adult is something E,EnE-Rolf is not, but will grow up to become. Although Cartoon-Rolf is generally accepted to be older than 12, due to his apparently developed and more mature characteristics depicted throughout the show, he is still a kid that hangs about with others from his neighborhood, and for the sake of giving him a set age, let's just say that in the show, he is 14 years old. Assuming Rolf and Luna are around the same age, if Luna graduated Hogwarts when she was 18, and she married Rolf later than Harry, Ron, and Hermione married their spouses, which was from their early-to-mid twenties, then that would give E,EnE-Rolf a substantial amount of time to do what he must, as in study or affiliate himself more with the wizarding world. It would help if you've watched the show before. Thoughts on this?