• LilyBlack22

    My Harry Potter Life

    January 24, 2017 by LilyBlack22

    Ok heelloo.I am from the U.S.A and I  am from Earth, not any other planet. And sometimes i just feel like Harry Potter, if my friends insult me, I'll shout a jinx at them, and hold out my "wand". At home, I'll talk about my classes, but as if i was in Harry Potter, I say things like Merlin's Beard, and Bloody.  But my real life is not quite so cool as Harry's. I am too much of a nerdy geek for any guy to like me (i prefer to keep it that way!). Then, well.... I read, read swim and read, oh and did I forget read? My life isn't too social but I am surprised by how many friends I have, I mean it's crazy. Though Swimming is my all time favorite sport and best athletic activity I know. I have a huge family, in a house filled with boys, I have 5…

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