Today, Rupert Grint turned twenty-three--it seems like just yesterday he was the cute, eleven-year-old Ron Weasley. But much to our surprise, the little carrot-topped sidekick has turned into a full-grown man. And whether he's a child, teenager, or an adult, he has plenty of fans. Just take a look at this Top Ten Reasons to Fancy Rupert Grint list on the blog The Bike Shed.

Just because the Harry Potter films are over doesn't mean that Rupert Grint's acting career is. His latest project is the WWII drama "Wartime Wanderers", about the Bolton Wanderers soccer team, many of whom joined the army during World War II. Sounds like quite a turn for the young actor-- do you think he's up for it? Comment below! In addition, take a look at this fan-made video detailing Grint's transformation: