A Dumbledore

Recently, the results of a British poll showed that most people choose Severus Snape as their favorite Harry Potter character, putting Hermione Granger in second place and Albus Dumbledore at third. Annabel Pitcher, at The Guardian, explains why Dumbledore is far better than Snape:

How can you not love a camp grey wizard who eats sherbet lemons and welcomes students back to school with the words, "There is a time for speech-making. This is not it."? Dumbledore's funny. He's unorthodox. He lets a part-giant with a love of monsters take up residence in the school shed, and a werewolf with a penchant for human blood to teach underage wizards. Nonconformist, liberal and flexible, he's everything that Severus "10 points from Gryffindor" Snape is not.

Dumbledore also knows things. Everything, in fact. Twiddling his thumbs in a castle turret, Dumbledore does what every other character in the book fails to do: he works out the secret of the horcruxes. No wonder he's the only person feared by He Who Must Not Be Named. So yeah, Snape double-crossed Voldemort. But who told him to? Who guided him in every single act of cunning? Snape acted bravely – but Dumbledore directed his performance.

What's your opinion? Team Dumbledore or Team Snape? Comment below!