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  • I am Female, a Hufflepuff, Necromancer, District 49 Career Tribute, Awesome Auror, the works
  • Lemon peel

    Hello, Abiweasley01 is here! I want to wish you all a very Potter Passover and Easter! I celebrate Easter, so I went and found plastic candy-filled eggs that my parents hid with my little brother, and we dyed boiled eggs last night. After we found the eggs, me and my brother ate some candy. I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth immediatly after, because I have braces. How did your holidays go? What are some of your traditions? Leave your answer in the comments below or owl me the answers.

    Harry Potter to all, and to all a happy Sunday!

    Abiweasley01 owl me!! 13:09, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

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