Do you fancy yourself to be the #1 Harry Potter fan? I sure do! But the Wizengamot of Harry Potter fans have spoken...and decreed that Steve Petrick is the World's Biggest Harry Potter fan. How exactly did he get this honor? Well he did just enter a simple online contest with a video, but Petrick really does have the goods to back it up. Petrick first became hooked on magic when he was 11, growing up with Harry Potter like so many of us have. His #potterinatweet? "They might not mean something to everyone else, but they mean something to me.”

Petrick also has four Harry Potter tattoos, enshrines his house in Harry Potter memorabilia, and spent the last 12 years collecting Harry Potter collectibles. He also models his hair after Daniel Radcliffe's style in each of the movies. Check out his collection and tattoos at Oddity Central!

Check out his fan bid video! Doesn't he sound/look like Daniel Radcliffe? How about a fan-off, Steve?