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Replace Movie Names with Voldemort

Kate.moon August 17, 2011 User blog:Kate.moon

Hey Potter fans!

Guess what's trending on Twitter? #ReplaceMovieNameswithVoldemort! Looks like Twitter doesn't want to let go of the Pottermania either!

If you're on Twitter and follow Harry Potter Wiki's awesome @Official_HPWiki account, be sure to join us in playing the game!

Check out what your fellow Potter tweeters have thought up!

  • @AthenaMcG
    • #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort Never Say Voldemort
  • @deintania
    • #replacemovienameswithvoldemort cloudy with a chance of Voldermort
  • @MusicLoverTay
    • #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort How to loose a Voldemort in 10 Days xD
  • @SouthFlyer4Life
    • #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort V for Voldemort.
  • @ChadCoalition
    • #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort PS I love Voldemort ;)
  • @thehpsecrets
    • Voldemort and the Half-Cut Nose. #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort
  • @LordVoldemort
    • The good, the bad, and Voldemort. #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort
  • @Ethan_Bartel
    • #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort Voldemort Wears Prada !

While you're at it, you can enter Wikia's awesome Catch the Golden Snitch Contest!

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