File-Wizarding World of Harry Potter Castle

It's all about the details for the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, Florida. The HPTP was hotly anticipated for several reasons: 1. It's a way to connect with and continue the magic of Harry Potter 2. It's a way a experience a tiny bit of the Harry Potter magic. 3. It sounds awesome!

It's a tall order for any theme park to fulfill: to make a magical land that children and adults have been imagining for so long. What if they get it wrong? What if every detail isn't perfect? We will know, because we nitpick every aspect of the Harry Potter movies.

Nevertheless, how can any Harry Potter fan not be excited about a theme park based entirely from Harry Potter? True, they will take many details from the movies since it's easier to conjure up sets, but we can still experience everything we've always wanted. It's a fan's paradise.

Based on reviews of the park, which opened last summer, here's a breakdown of what to see:

Best: Places! The details and the food (try the butterbeer! Candies from Honeydukes!) are supposed to be spot on. They really worked hard to cater to exactly how we imagine the food. I know I've often wondered what butterbeer and pumpkin juice tastes like.

Mixed: For those seeking thrilling roller-coasters, HPTP is not for you. The rides are recycled ideas and not especially ground-breaking. What is special are the details built around the rides. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey will take you on a tour of Hogwarts Castle, and who doesn't want to see that?


For those who have been to the park, weigh in with your thoughts! Did it live up to your expectations?