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Harry Potter Shatters Box Office Records

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 officially blew away all its competitors in the box office...from past and present. The epic saga of the Boy Who Lived wrapped up its movie franchise and grossed over $476 million to date, breaking the previous record holder's international debut number: Pirates of the Caribbean with $262.2 mil, AND The Dark Knight's three-day domestic weekend debut record of $158.4 mil! And of course, the numbers just continue to pour in. In a time of declining movie sales, Harry Potter performed his last miracle: get people to a theater to watch a movie.

The reviews are positive from most ends, but we know it's all due to the massive support from fans that Harry Potter is such a phenomenally successful franchise. Have you watched the movie yet? Be sure to leave a review and check out our fan gallery from Wikia's very own screening event!

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