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All good things must come to an end...including Harry Potter! Although it feels like the end of an era, don't shed a tear for Harry Potter and his crew quite yet. There's still butterbeer to drink, books to re-read and re-live, and movies to watch over and over again! We just want the magic to continue, right!?

To lift your spirits, 'the Easy Crafts Wiki is giving away a Harry Potter prize pack including a Forbidden Forest LEGO set, a Comic-Con Exclusive Metal Card Set (two Gryffindor crests, Quidditch crest, and Seeker crest), and a one of a kind, hand-crafted Golden Snitch necklace designed by Polly Conway, crafter and avid Harry Potter fan!

  • Win this Golden Snitch Necklace!
  • Win this HP Lego set!
  • Win this exclusive HP trading card set!

To win these amazing prizes, go leave a comment on the giveaway page over at Easy Crafts Wiki explaining how you will continue to celebrate Harry Potter in your life!