0071 40 Beautiful Harry Potter Art and Illustration Tributes

I Open at the Close by Shannon Bonatakis

Check out these really beautiful fan art submissions by Harry Potter fans around the world. Every artist has a unique perspective on Harry Potter and really showcases it in their artwork. The entire collection can be seen at Gallery Nucleus and their Harry Potter Blog.

Their mission statement: “Although the movies have done a tremendous job in the manner of visual depiction, many artists and readers alike, have had their own vision of the Harry Potter world. This Blog hopes to be a platform for those visions as well as new concepts that further builds upon that world while paying homage through illustration to the epic tale that has touched the imaginations of so many readers.”

The response has been overwhelming, and the fan art is really wonderful. Check out some of our favorites! Pictures of Harry and Hedwig seem to be the most popular, followed by Hagrid and the trio of course. They range from kitchsy and adorable to amazingly poignant.