I am a 19 year old teenage girl and like a lot of girls my age, I have kept a diary. Well, at least I have tried to anyways. The other day, I was thinking of keeping one more seriously since I have been going through a lot of things. I thought that maybe if I wrote down all those worries and extra thoughts in my head, I would feel better.

So since I am into my technology a lot I downloaded and app to keep the diary in. I always password them so no one can see who i am crushing on and what I am thinking of that the moment. I have had times where I have read over those diaries and I have visably cringed at all I have written. Anyways I am not writting thos post to tell you that I tend to like weird guys but on the Pensive that the Headmasters of Hogwarts have.

Ever since I first read about the pensive I thought that it would be good to have one. I think that being able to empty out your thoughts and relive what you need would be really amazing. Then I remembered that us Muggles can't do magic but I wish I was as magical as those books.

Professor Dumbledore starts using the pensive in the 4th book because he feels that he is missing a link. He feels that there is a reason everything is happening so he looks back at what he has seen. He stumbles upon a lot of good information and I wondered if we should be able to do things like that too.

Then I thought back to the idea of the diary. A diary can either be a reading of our thoughts and feelings at the time or it can be a telling of what has happened to us today. I think that there was a time where people wrote down such events as to not forget.

Something around the lines of Anne Franks diary. 

I want a pensive but a muggle will always have to deal with a diary.