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    September 21, 2012 by Hunnie Bunn

    Hey again, all. Cheerful day. Anywho, I wondered... would it be appropriate if I created infoboxes each for a separate class taught at Hogwarts? That way, things like Palmistry and whatnot would have more specific of infoboxes. Thanks :) Hunniebunn (talk)

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  • Hunnie Bunn

    Hello, mes amis. In case I seem rather agitated or 'snappy' the next few days, I figured I would give you early warning. You see, when I tried to access my Pottermore account (JinxKey17523) earlier, I was told that it did not exist. Believing this was merely an error, I tried again every half hour until now, when I am forced to conclude that I must make a new one.

    Once I have been sorted, I will be sending friend requests to everyone, so sorry if you no longer see me on your friends list. My user name is PixieSpirit5431.

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  • Hunnie Bunn

    Hidden Pottermore Images

    September 19, 2012 by Hunnie Bunn

    I've noticed that some people have discovered a "glitch" on Pottermore which allowed them to view wand motions for spells that were not revealed to the general public. The only three I am aware of are those for the Killing Curse, the Switching Spell, and the Hover Charm but I am almost certain there are others. I am wondering, should we add these images to the respective articles? They were added to Pottermore, so technically they're canon and technically they're allowed, but all the same, I wanted to know what everyone else thought of it. I thought it'd be interesting to have them on the pages, but every time they were added the edits were reverted. --Hunnie Bunn (talk)

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  • Hunnie Bunn


    September 15, 2012 by Hunnie Bunn

    Hey everyone. Perhaps you've seen, but I recently began editing the List of spells page, in an attempt to clean it up. I wondered whether anyone wanted to help, because I'm still only at the "E"s, if that, and I wanted to get it done soon; it's understandable if you don't, because it'll take a while, because I figured I'd ask. I figured I'd then try and make a category for deceased individuals, because there isn't one yet... oh well, I'll get to that eventually :) Hunnie Bunn (talk)

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