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Hermmie September 24, 2012 User blog:Hermmie

So i just got my own apartment and i'm going back to school. I have everything and yet i have nothing! I miss my family I have nothing, to do with them. I am my mothers child but not my fathers daughter! I am nothing to do with Duane crannmer! I will have nothing to do with him. But my Mom is marrying another guy, and he's my father and not this guy who didn't even sign my Birth Certifecate. I love him cause i have to but if he wasn't my father then i wouldn't love him (but he so happens to be my fucking father so i kind of have to love him). But my new "Father" kind of has some anger issues. He's really cool but he doesn't know how to control his anger, He needs to control his anger. I feel like if he can contorl his anger, then he wont have to yell at my mom and little sister.

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