This morning we got geared up for our second day in Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This was the morning we would get to have a traditional English breakfast at the Three Broomsticks Restaurant. My family was all equally excited to actually go to the Three Broomsticks and eat what I ate every morning in the Great Hall, on smaller proportions of course. We were all talking about what animals we would choose if we went to Hogwarts; I decided I would have a Pygmy Puff, and my brothers decided they wanted owls. It was my sister who went against the crowd though; she said she wanted the largest owl of them all. I can see it. All the students are sitting down for lunch in the Great Hall when the owls start flying in with everyone’s mail. The kids around my sister are joking around with her because she didn’t receive any mail, yet… Suddenly, all of the other kid's owls scatter and in the distance there is a loud, synchronized thudding. *CAW CAW* A giant, dark form enters the Great Hall as it hushes. “Jeffery!” My sister yells as she welcomes her condor into the Great Hall. The kids around her are humiliated for making fun of her. Jeffery cannot land because of his large wingspan, so he instead swoops down and drops my sister’s mail onto her lap. “Thanks Jeffery!” My sister yells as he swooped back up and out of the Great Hall. I love my family…

Then we went to the Three Broomsticks we all ordered different things, I ordered the pancake breakfast and a Butterbeer. It was delicious! It came with three pancakes, two sausage links, bacon and a croissant. The pancakes were really good!!! Eating in the Three Broomsticks was a dream come true, it was all the meanings of awesome. It was the perfect embodiment of what I thought the Three Broomsticks looked like. I loved the experience so much, it was phenomenal!

After the breakfast, we went around the rest of the park. We went to Poseidon’s Fury and experienced something we can’t figure out. Poseidon’s Fury is an attraction you walk through. It was so flipping cool!!! Unfortunately, we got into the third room and everything went dark. We thought it was something for the attraction, but soon the lights turned on and we were taken out through another exit. We couldn’t figure out if the attraction was over or if something happened. We still don’t know…

When we got out, I got to talk to a talking fountain. He was cocky… And he shot me with a water spout… I got rained on too. After I got wet, we went immediately to the 8th Voyage of Sinbad… Let me just say, IT WAS AMAZING!!! The stunts were awesome, and the pyrotechnics were amazing!!! The sound was perfectly in sync with the actor’s and the stunts. I really wish I could go see it again, but today was our last day in the Islands of Adventure… I am attaching two pictures of me with the Sinbad cast.

After that, we went through the rest of the Islands of Adventure. My older sister and I rode the carousal in Seuss Landing, and we saw the Marvel superheroes and super heroines ride into Marvel Island on ATV’s. It was so cool!!! I loved seeing my favorite comic book characters in person!!! After the Marvel Island, we went back to Jurassic Park and everyone went on the River Adventure. Their splash as they came out of the drop at the end of the ride was gigantic!!! When everyone was off that ride, we went to Hogsmead for the last time. I’m almost crying as I wrote that last sentence… I don’t want to leave, but tomorrow we go to Universal Studios. I got angry as we walked around Hogsmead; they had Gryffindor and Slytherin Prefect badges, but no Ravenclaw Prefect. I’m a Prefect and my older sister is head-girl. Our mother and father are so proud! We bought our chocolate frogs and I got Rowena Ravenclaw’s card! I had really wanted to get her card! My sister got Salazar Slytherin… My older brother has yet to open his chocolate frog… I hope he gets either Helga Hufflepuff or Godric Gryffindor. We also saw the Hogwarts choir sing at a concert outside Hogwarts. It was so well done; they even sang ‘Can You Dance Like a Hippogriff’.

For dinner, we ate at Jake’s American Bar in our hotel. It was delicious food and our waiter was awesome! He was not afraid to joke around with us like friends and he was very fun. The food was delicious and I enjoyed sneaking tasters from the rest of my family’s plates.

Here’s the cheesy line; today was so much fun, but tomorrow will bring even more fun. The last thing I will feel is my pillow and the last thing I will see is the inside of my eyelids. Cliché I know, but hey, I’m on vacation!!!

Pictures For Day Two To Follow Soon...

Taryn SparrowRavenclawcrest(Owl Me!) 02:14, March 6, 2011 (UTC)