Our last day in Universal Studios Orlando, I don’t want to believe it. This trip has gone by way too fast. It was an amazing experience and I thank the Wikia staff for making this possible! For our last day, we went to Universal Studios; Universal Studios is like the Islands of Adventure. It consisted of several movie themed attractions. It also had plenty of restaurants and stores. The first thing my family did was decide on what we were going to do today, we only had one day in this park and we wanted to make the most of it. The first ride we went on was the Men in Black ride. We went through the ride on cars which seated six in two rows of three. We decided it was boys versus girls for this one. When the ride started we went into a ‘training’ situation. We then ran into a little bit of a problem, ALIENS HAD INVADED MANHATEN!!! So we were immediately plunged into the streets with nothing but a warning not to press the red button. We had the shoot the aliens as they popped up with our laser guns. We accelerated suddenly and we spun around. We had to face the giant alien at the end; we got to press the red button! We then spun underneath the giant alien and into strobe lights and fog. The alien burped and we were free. We were judged by Will Smith’s character on whether or not we were fit to be Men in Black Agents.

After the Men in Black ride, we went to the Terminator 3D show. It was so flipping cool!!! The characters leapt in and out of the screen to interact with the audience. There were smoke and lighting effects. After the T3 show we, went to the Disaster Movie show. In the beginning we all went into a room and the ‘assistant director’ chose people to be cast in the movie they were filming that day on site. My older brother and sister were chosen along side my mother to be in the cast. They were cast as the evil people of the movie. It was hilarious! We went into the next room to make the movie, and then we filed out into a train to film the last part. Everyone went on the train and we were all told to be innocent subway users. Suddenly, the train started shaking and the floors and ceiling started cracking. The street above fell and an oil tanker fell into the subway. The oil tanker exploded and water flooded the subway. Everything went back to normal and we got to see the short trailer we had just made. It was awesome!!!

When we got off that, my older siblings and my mother took my little brother on the Mummy ride. I didn’t go on, so my dad and I explored the little shop. I bought an Ankh necklace, little shops are so reliable. After the Mummy we walked around and went to get hydrated. We went on the M.I.B. ride again; the M.I.B. ride is just so simply fun! After defeating the alien invasion once again, we went on the Jaws ride. I love sharks and this ride was so cool for me! We got attacked by a shark similar to the one in the movie and at the end; our tour guide shot it with a grenade launcher! It was so cool!!! After that, we walked around Universal Studios and we went to get food. Outside the restaurant we went to, the Blues Brother were just getting into their car with the giant speaker on top. As Chicagoans, we appreciated seeing the Blues Brothers. It was like a little piece of home. When we were leaving the park, my older brother found Glenco Imports and was exuberant. He loves the Godfather movies so it was sort of nostalgic for him to be able to take a picture outside the Corleone family business. After that we went back to our hotel and my older sister and little brother went swimming while I wrote the blogs for the past two days! I was so upset we were leaving the next day. I didn’t want to go; this vacation had been the best I have had. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the things we saw, and I loved being able to experience all the marvelous things we were able to experience because of the Wikia Team. So I wholeheartedly thank the whole Wikia Team for making it possible for my family to take this amazing trip down to Florida, it was an experience never to be forgotten. Thank you so much!!!

I’m sorry for the delay, I got launched back into school and had to catch up. Pictures will follow soon!