This morning, we woke-up at seven a.m. so we could get on the ferry boat to go to the park early. We were able to get into the park an hour before the general public and we immediately headed towards The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! When we were walking, we were swiveling our heads as fast as we could so that we could see as much as we could. Suddenly, I saw it. HOGWARTS!!! The spirals of the Gryffindor Tower were in clear view! The Ravenclaw Tower with the observatory was there too! Even though I see those towers every day (because I'm a Hogwarts student...), it was so stunning. I began jumping up and down yelling, "Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy Warty Hogwarts, Teach Us Something Please!!!" I was so excited I couldn't contain it anymore!!! We started walking even faster than we had been before; we had to get to Hogwarts as soon as possible. When we rounded the corner, we saw the Hogsmead sign; it read, "Hogsmead. Please obey spell limits." I got upset because that meant my wand was to be put away, too much temptation to magic the many muggles into flying through the air. *Swish and Flick* Wingardium Leviosa!

I ran into Hogsmead and swirled in a circle, taking it all in. This was really happening!!! I was living in my dreams!!! I could now complete my Hogwarts uniform by buying my cloak at Dervish and Banges!!! I would soon be a complete Ravenclaw Prefect, and my sister would soon receive her wand from Olivanders!!! She later bought her tie and scarf. She's a Ravenclaw too... Head-Girl in fact... I couldn't admit it to myself that this was actually happening and we were all really here, in Florida at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!

We went to Olivanders first, to avoid the large line when the park opened to the Public. We watched a young girl be chosen by her wand, and my sister got her wand. Her wand is made from Reed with a core of Dragon Heartstring. I had received my wand at Christmas. My wand is made from Birch with a core of Unicorn Hair.

After Olivanders, I purchased my Ravenclaw Cloak and it completes my uniform!!! I now was in the perfect outfit and I refused to shed my Hogwarts clothing even though it was terribly hot in the Florida sun. Us Northeners aren't used to the heat in the middle of winter, we did just have a blizzard three weeks ago...

We went to the Hogwarts attraction next, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. We walked through the greenhouses of Herbology, and we entered Hogwarts. Finally we walked the corridors of Hogwarts. The moving portraits were speaking all around us and there were so many witches and wizards of past covering the walls, it was hard to focus on just one. We entered into more corridors and there was the sorting hat! It was moving and speaking to us! We then entered Dumbledore's office and he was up in the loft! He was speaking to us too! We moved on to see more, we walked into the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. "Mom! Maybe we'll see Lupin or Mad Eye!!!" I said. Past the DADA Classroom was the Gryffindor common room. There was the fireplace, there were the couches, and the bulletin board too! I loved it!

We then went into the ride. The cars were on a magic track (conveyor belt) and we had to get in as it was moving. We then exited the entrance platform into the ride. We were suddenly thrown into pitch black darkness and a projection was strewn across the screen in front of us. The screen was a full half sphere and when the broomstick (car) we were in moved, it felt as though we really were flying around the grounds of Hogwarts with Harry. We moved to another scene and had water shot at us by Aragog. I closed my eyes until I felt heat on my face a few seconds later. I dared to open my eyes and look, THERE WAS A DRAGON SPEWING SMOKE IN OUR FACES WHEN I OPENED MY EYES! It was epic. We then moved on and there were more spiders. Suddenly, the ride stopped. Someone came over the intercom to reassure us and the lights came on. Our car straightened from the slanted position we had stopped in. After about ten minutes of my family singing random songs and quoting random things, we began to move. It was stop and go for a while, but we got to see the whomping willow and the dementors up close.

When we got off, we got all of our things from the locker and we headed straight for the Flight of the Hippogriff. The Flight of the Hippogriff was a very fun ride and I enjoyed it a lot. It was easy and fast, plus there were barely any drops. I hate that feeling on roller coasters when you drop. After that, we went around the rest of the Islands of Adventure. We went into Jurassic Park, my whole family LOVES Jurassic Park. We love dinosaurs… After Jurassic Park, we went to Marvel Island and waited for my father and older brother to join us.

When they arrived, we went back to the Hotel so I could change into better clothes. I was in my Hogwarts uniform so I was baking alive. I did some awesome cloak walking before I took it off. The cloaks are fantastic for walking fast, they billow behind you and when you make *Whoosh* noises, you look pretty cool. After that, we went back to the Wizarding World to show my father and older brother around. We bought our first Butterbeer and pumpkin juice. The pumpkin juice was delicious; it tasted like pumpkin pie in a bottle. The Butterbeer was the real show stopper though. It was amazing, like a party in your mouth. It tasted sort of like root beer and caramel. Odd combo, I know, but it worked. Did you know the cook who made the Butterbeer recipe flew it over to England for J.K. Rowling himself? Know you know.

After we all experienced those yummy treats, I showed my older brother around Hogsmead, which I still have memorized from the little trips here and there during the school term. I told him all the good spots to go when you want to avoid the people who want to take pictures with me. Apparently because I’m a Ravenclaw and go to Hogwarts, people want every photo op they can get. We saw Hermione’s Yule Ball gown in one of the store windows. It was the real dress from the movie!!! And we saw – and heard - a screaming mandrake root in one of the other store windows. In Dervish and Banges, they have Draco Malfoy’s broom from the movies as well. We went into Zonko’s Joke Shop and into Honeydukes. My older brother and sister went on the Dragon Challenge roller coaster next. I didn’t go on because, like I said before, I am not a roller coaster person.

While they went on that, my mother and father took my little brother and me into the Hogs Head Bar. It was attached to the Three Broomsticks Restaurant. I took a picture of my Butterbeer mug and my Pygmy Puff (I named her Sheila…) and sent the pictures to all my friends back home. They were all jealous… When my brother and sister came back from the Dragon challenge we went back to the Hotel because the Park was closing. *Sad Face* We went swimming back at the Hotel, and we had dinner. Dinner turned into desert and here I am right now, typing the blog so all you muggles can enjoy the Wizarding World along with us! Tomorrow will bring more adventures, and we will be going to the Three Broomsticks for breakfast, so tomorrow I will blog about our day again!!!

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