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    Hello all! As many of you must have noticed, there have been some changes to this wiki in terms of videos! Just to let you all know what is going on, I am going to list the changes that are being made (with permission from ProfessorTofty) of course.

    1. A rotating gallery of videos has been added to the main page
    2. A link to our Harry Potter video library has been added to the Community Messages
    3. Videos are getting embedded into the film pages and multiple character pages. Because there are so many videos, an extra gallery page has been added to the film page (which you can access by going to the Videos section)

    Unlike Youtube videos, these are all fully licensed by our partners and unlikely to get removed from the wiki. We will continue to add video…

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    J.K.'s Casual Vacancy

    September 27, 2012 by Gcheung28

    More J.K. Rowling news: her book Casual Vacancy is out! The book is available in U.S. bookstores, in addition to a digital edition. It's also supposed to be released in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

    In her adult novel, the unexpected death of a member of the parish council and the ensuing election sparks a war among a small town's residents. Press materials have called the book "blackly comic," while The New Yorker called the description of one family "ostentatiously unremitting: drugs, prostitution, the stink of diapers." Pretty intense, right?

    Some critics also have had things to say. Check these reviews out:

    “The Casual Vacancy will certainly sell, and it may also be liked. There are many nice touches, inclu…

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    September 27, 2012 by Gcheung28

    Harry Potter fans, I come to you with some VERY exciting news:

    J.K. Rowling is possibly considering a Harry Potter spinoff!

    In a BBC interview, she said, "I don't want to go mechanically back into that world and pick up a load of odds and ends and glue them together and say, 'Here we go, we can sell this.' It would make a mockery of what those books were to me. But ... if I did have a great idea for something else, I probably would do it. I am very averse to the prequel-sequel idea. A sidestep could maybe ... well, we'll see."

    Let's take a moment to soak that in...ok, now time to go crazy! Combine these and that's me (but times 10) right now:

    Source: The Wrap

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    The Wonders of Wonderbook

    September 24, 2012 by Gcheung28

    As many Harry Potter fans know, Sony has been developing a cool project called Wonderbook, and you can now see what that project is going to be like! The first game is called Wonderbook: Book of Spells and is planned to be released November 13.

    Players will use the PlayStation Move and Eye to learn about and cast spells from the Harry Potter series, including Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa, and Harry’s own signature spell, Expelliarmus (but dark spells like Crucio and Avada Kedavra will probably not be included on the family friendly game)!

    Enough of the talking, check the video out now to get a look at how the game will be!

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    HP and Shadow and Bone

    September 12, 2012 by Gcheung28

    Harry Potter fans, check this out! DreamWorks has just picked up the movie rights to Leigh Bardugo’s bestseller Shadow and Bone, about an orphan girl whose ability to harness a rare magic makes her one of her nation’s most coveted warriors!

    Remember David Heyman? The producer, who in the late ’90s had the wise instinct to secure the film rights to J.K. Rowling’s wizard-verse, will be producing Shadow and Bone! That means this series has to potential to be turned into the next Harry Potter-style film franchise, which would be pretty cool!

    Check out the trailer here:

    The book, which debuted in June, is set in a fantasy version of Russia called Ravka, which is bisected by a territory called the Shadow Fold, brimming with a breed of flying fiends …

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