Hello all! As many of you must have noticed, there have been some changes to this wiki in terms of videos! Just to let you all know what is going on, I am going to list the changes that are being made (with permission from ProfessorTofty) of course.

  1. A rotating gallery of videos has been added to the main page
  2. A link to our Harry Potter video library has been added to the Community Messages
  3. Videos are getting embedded into the film pages and multiple character pages. Because there are so many videos, an extra gallery page has been added to the film page (which you can access by going to the Videos section)

Unlike Youtube videos, these are all fully licensed by our partners and unlikely to get removed from the wiki. We will continue to add videos to this wiki, and we hope that you will enjoy them! Also, if you have any other suggestions for implementing videos on the Harry Potter wiki, feel free to let me know!