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  • Fleurblack

    why potternerds?

    September 25, 2012 by Fleurblack

    Dear potternerds,

    I beg to say that i'm (fleurblack) tired of coming here and see that no one is here for chat. Guys a wiki is made for us so show us that u're here ,potter series might have ended but pottermania wiil never die and even those who were in

    Hufflepuff-can make friends

    Ravenclaw-can know that who knows harry better than me

    Gryffindore-can tell or help new wikia orienters to suffer in the wiki and make friends

    Slytherins-can kick or ban people from chat and i'm sure that would be great fun

    Guys it's so hard to write a novel and it's too hard to write a page about a character of a novel .So from now

    lets start to set a record to have the most hot chat .

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  • Fleurblack

    the incredible true story of the friendship between C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien just has to be seen! imagine your goose bumps as lewis would addresses his nation in his darkest wartime hour becoming the second most recognised radio voice after winston churchill.

    i'm a great die hard fan of Harry Potter and i just can't stop loving it but a fan of narnia too , know many of you are also waiting for the next movie Lion Awakes.



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  • Fleurblack

    happy b'day

    July 23, 2012 by Fleurblack

    wish u a very happy b'day daniel from my all friends and of cource from me.and u'll b the hero of this wiki and every child 4ever

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  • Fleurblack

    not to compare

    May 25, 2012 by Fleurblack

    i'm seeing the VDOs in which harry potter series is compared to the twilight saga .dude it's ok if u show hp great but twilight saga is not even eligible to b compared to hp.. so next time not to compareFleurblack (talk) 08:37, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

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