Hi there.  i'm new in town.  I found this site when I was doing research for my fanfiction, which is about resurrecting Snape (hey, if star trek can resurrect Spock, then why the heck not?) .  It's a crossover fanfiction, with my version of what happened to Avalon and the Fey, who retreated into the mists when Arthur died, taking the Druids with them,.  So, just what sort of society would evolve?  I'm tying in a lot of the stuff i learned studying theology and psychology (I'm a Jungian) under the influence of Jesuits.  I'd be a Jesuit  if they let girls in.  My protagonist, Eli le Fey, is Snape's "friend with benefits" who acts as his guardian angel.  Her father is a human wizard and her mother a Faerie, she is a Warrior Witch and necromancer.  She has a honking case of PTSD and is conflicted with her role in life. 

I realize that the main reason I love Snape is Alan Rickman.  He created such a wonderful, complex, beautiful sexy beast, with those eloquent hands and that magical voice, just makes me shiver when I hear that voice.  even better than Ronald Coleman.