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  • DisturbedLemon

    Reference Coding

    April 6, 2012 by DisturbedLemon

    Terrible time editing lately. Looked back and saw I'd done a few really sloppy jobs recently.

    I need help desprately. I don't quite understand how references work (and I can't find anything). Here is my problem:

    I know that to cite something already on the list, you just do < ref>whatever it is, but for the life of me, when I try to add a new resource to the list, the entire thing blows up in my face and has that angry red script. I'm desprate for some help guys! I want to be a responsible editor that no one has to sweep up after! How to I add a new source to the source list? Whenever I am editing (always in source mode; it's good practice), the source list always shows up as { { reflist } }. How in the world do you edit that? I don't understan…

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  • DisturbedLemon

    Insert quote?

    May 4, 2011 by DisturbedLemon

    1st blog. Yay! I'm kinda new to wikias, and I can't figure about how to insert a quote. Since I'm new no one will be reading this within a million years, but whatever; I can try.

    Last night I checked out the Men In Black wikia, and it's sadly lacking. It was started on May 2. lol, I added some articles but want to know how to insert a quote.


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