Good evening.

Harry Potter was not born in the United Kingdom. He was born in Slovakia, in one small village. The name of the village is not important. Parents of Harry Potter was not from the United Kingdom, too. The were from The Czech Republic. They came to Slovekia because they liked Slovakia. They wanted live there. Mister Potter was an enginner and madam Potter was a nurse. They lived in one small house and they were very happy. They cannot speak English. Their native  language was Czech and then Slovak. They did not want to live or work in the United Kingdom. Harry James Potter was born on the fourteenth of February 1990.  He was a quite nice child. He was not very intelligent but parents liked him. Harry liked cats very much. He had three cats. Harry liked all kind of animals and he was a brilliant gardener.

After primary school and secondary school Harry went to a university. He visited very special university. He went to university for unnormal teenagers. He was an unnormal teenager - he was a wizard. His parents were wizards too. Mister Potter was a wizard and madam Potter was a witch. In the first semester Harry met two very good friends. One boy and one girl. The boy was average like Harry but the girl was good-looking (blood and milk) and very, very intelligent. She liked books. Harry also liked her but she did not love him. Harry was unhappy. Harry was not a  very good student.

His the best course was 'Work in a garden'. The professor (woman) was friendly and liked students. After five years Harry completed study. He was MSc and he was happy.