What this blog post is about is how no one knows exactly how Araminta Meliflua Black fits into the Black family tree. I am especially interested int his because I have written a Harry Potter family tree but although there is plenty of evidence she existed (Sirius Black talks to Harry about her in the Order of the Phoenix), I cannot put her into my tree because no one knows who her parents were. I will quickly explain who she was. She was an indirect ancestor of Sirius Black II who hated muggles and as such tried to get a Ministry Bill to make muggle hunting legal passed. Luckily she failed! What I know is this, her grandparents were Cygnus Black II and Violetta Bulstrode on one side of her family and I have no idea on the other side. I have worked this out because of the plain knowledge on the Araminta Meliflua Black wikia page that Pollux Black, Cassiopeia Black, Marius Black and Dorea Black were all her aunts and uncles and Walburga Black, Alphard Black and Cygnus Black III were at least some of her cousins (I believe another one is Henry Potter but that is widely disputed as to whether Henry Potter fits into that gap or whether there is no one between Charlus Potter and Fleamont Potter). However this then means that Araminta has to be somewhere on here but my family tree has no more parents here so I think there must be some unknown parents here especially as Marius Black was a squib so would have been blasted of the tree, Cassiopeia Black didn't have children and Dorea Blacks descendants were Potters (Harry Potter was either her great great grandson or her great grandson). And finally Pollux Blacks children were all cousins of Araminta so she couldn't have been his descendant. Finally I want to round of this blog post by going over the facts discussed in this blog. Araminta Meliflua Black is an unexplained part of the Harry Potter universe who existed but no one knows who her parents where although her grandparents, aunts and cousins are common knowledge.