Since I saw Deathly Hallows Part 2 at midnight, I waited until morning to write this review. IT WAS AMAZING!

The movie was exciting from start to finish. Gringotts was exciting. Hermione as Bellatrix was hilarious! The Battle of Hogwarts was awesome! It was dramtic, sad, action-packed, but still had some humour. It's very sad (admit it, you're gonna cry). I started crying non-stop since Snape's death, because it was more emotional then the book. There was still the awesome parts, though. For example, Ron and Hermione's kiss. There was also moments like when Neville destroyed the bridge and when Molly killed Belatrix. The final battle was AMAZING and the Epilogue was a great way to dismiss the Harry Potter films.

With all of the excitement, there wasd some negative parts. It was a little too sad, because of the ways you see people's dead bodies (saddest part) and the Prince's Tale was very sad. I wish some people didn't die, like Fred or Snape, but I always wished that since I read the book. Gringotts was kind of rushed, but still pretty awesome. The format was different the most Harry Potter films, being one big battle.

Overall, I have one thing to say: IT WAS AWESOME! It was a good way to say goodbye to Harry, Ron, Hermione and the other people that we have known as children. Bye Harry!