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In case you had any doubts about the dominance of the Harry Potter franchise, here's a bit of magical news-- Daniel Radcliffe has conjured up an income that makes him the richest actor under 30.

The boy wizard -- who recently finished filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 -- made $45 million (£28.5 million) in 2009-10, pushing his net worth to $75 (£48 million).

And the Daily Prophet news gets even more impressive- Daniel is not the only 'Harry Potter' actor to appear in The Sunday Times Rich List of young people -- Emma Watson comes in at 13 with earnings of £2 million, pushing her total up to £22 million, joint with Rupert Grint.

If you also happen to be a Twilight fan, you can take heart because fellow hunk Robert Pattinson also made the list at number nine, worth a total of £32 million.

Tell us what you think of Daniel's success- has he earned it?