On June 16, 2011 at exactly 4:00pm, released the "final" trailer for the motion picture; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. As you all know this is the last installment of the Harry Potter Franchise. With the Deathly Hallows Part 2 it comes finally full circle for this great story that has enchanted the world.

Lily Evans moments before her death

The trailer begins with a glimpse of Lily Evans in her home in Godric's Hollows maybe sometime before October 31, 1981 (for those who don't know, Harry's parents died on October 31th), or maybe the same day. In this particular moment it shows us Lily telling little Harry that he needs to be strong and remain safe. We also see two glimpses of the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, when Harry's wand chooses him as his master in Ollivanders Wand Shop in Diagon Alley and when the first years arrive at Hogwarts on the boats in the Black Lake. We also see a glimpse of a scene from Prisioner of Azkaban; Harry and Hermione in the surroundings of the Whomping Willow and other glimpse; the journey to the cave with Dumbledore in Half-Blood Prince.

Hogwarts' quidditch pitch-DH2
Then a comparison of the Quidditch Pitch in Half-Blood Prince tryouts and the Quidditch Pitch in Deathly Hallows Part 2 beeing burn down by Death Eaters. We also see Harry maybe moments after he finds out of Remus and Tonks deaths or maybe when he finds out Fred's Weasley death. Then we see Lord Voldemort lying on the floor maybe on the forbidden forest moments after he launch the killing curse on Harry. After this we see some scenes of other movies of Harry Potter such as:

  1. -Lord Voldemort on Little Hangleton in Goblet of Fire
  2. -Death Eater on the Hall of Prophecy in the Department of Mysteries in Order of the Phoneix.
  3. -Severus Snape on Occlumency classes on Order of the Phoneix.
  4. -Dementor on the Hogwarts Express in Prisioner of Azkaban.
  5. -Voldemort on the Ministry Autrium in Order of the Phoneix.
  6. -Gregorovitch in his wand shop in Deathly Hallows Part 1
  7. -Dumbledore in the Cave with the Inferi in the Half-Blood Prince.
  8. -Harry on the Astronomy Tower when Snape killed Dumbledore in The Half-Blood Prince.
  9. -Voldemort testing the Elder Wand in Dumbledore's white tomb at the end of Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Snape head
At 0:42 seconds the trailer show us Hogwarts surrounded by Dementors. After this we see glimpse of Snape memories in the Prince's Tale, this particular memory takes place in the headmaster office. Then it show us Lord Voldemort telling Lucius Malfoy "bring him to me", this is clearly the moment when Voldemort ask Lucius to bring Snape to the Crystal House to talk about the Elder Wand. We also see the trio with the two goblins in Gringotts on their way to the Lestrange Vault to aquire the Horcrux. Then I assume that the trailer show us Hermione and Harry hiding outside the Crystal House listening the conversation between Voldemort and Snape. Then the trailer show us the trio escaping on the dragon's back and jumping into a lake.

-"Hogwarts is threatened, Man the Boundaries, Protect us!" -Minerva McGongall

The Army of Death Eaters can bee see on a hill near Hogwarts with Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange and Pius Thicknesse. Then wee see maybe one of the most exciting moments of the battle of Hogwarts, the transfiguration of the suits of armor by Minerva McGongall, after this we see Minerva standing at the main entrance of the school with Molly Weasley.

Minerva and Molly Battle og Hogwart

Minevra McGonagall with Molly Weasly, Just before the Battle of Hogwarts

Then we see what seems like Draco Malfoy about to enter the Room of Requirement, the trio in battle, Harry watching the castle maybe one last time before his journey into the Forbidden Forest, Remus Lupin and wife Nymphadora Tonks trying to hold hands moments before their death with Horace Slughorn line on the background, "its a suicide mission.", Voldemort attacking the protective shield the professors put arround the school with Bellatrix on the right and Nagini on his left, Ginny Weasley on the Covered Bridge, the trio in Hogsmade, Professor Flitwick with the suits of armor, the shield of Hogwarts disintegrating and Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest.

At 1:20 the Death Eaters army launching spells to the castle from a large distance, glimpses of the battle in the Entrance Courtyard, maybe the people of Hogsmade running down the hill, the Death Eaters with agiant marching on their way to the school, Ron and Hermione in the Room of Requirement, Lucius Malfoy on the Viaduct Bridge maybe escaping the battle with his family and we also see a bunch of Dementors on a bridge with a dead giant.


Voldemort about to capture Harry

At 1:29, Voldemort on the Astronomy Tower trying to catch Harry with his cloak, a glimpse of the scene where Harry arrives at Hogwarts with the Order of the Phoneix and demands Snape to tell everyone how he killed the man who trusted him, after this we see the scene of Dumbledore's death in Half-Blood Prince. Then at 1:35, Death Eaters walking towards Hogwarts, Voldemort in battle, the castle in battle, Harry in a corridor, Molly Weasley in the Great Hall maybe after or before she kills Bellatrix Lestrange, Ron and Hermione in battle, a shot of the covered bridge and the shield desintegrating, Goyle's death and the trio with Blaise and Draco escaping the Room of Requirement.

HPDh 2

Harry uses the Resurrection Stone to revive James, Lily, Sirius and Remus

Between 1:44 and 1:46 we see the ghosts of Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter and Lily Evans in the Forbidden Forest before Harry's "death", Voldemort in battle, Neville after or before he cut's Naginis head, Ginny in the Entrance Courtyard with the rest of the Staff and Order of the Phoneix, the Acromantulas in battle, Harry in battle and a Lord Voldemort face in fire on the Great Hall.

Then we see between 1:51 and 1:54 Harry and Voldemort jumping off a cliff, a Death Eater smashing through a window, glimpses of Harry and Voldemort final battle around the school, a short glimpse of the Entrance Courtyard in fire, Horace Slughorn launching a spell to the sky, Ginny and Harry kiss in the Marble Staircase, Bellatrix in the Great Hall, the Covered Bridge collapsing with the Snatchers, Death Eaters trying to penetrate the protective shield, the tsunami in the Chamber of Secrets, Voldemort in battle and Aferboth Dumbledore's huge patronus.

Finally, at the end of the trailer we see:

  1. -Molly Weasley launching the Killing Curse to Bellatrix Lestrange.
  2. -The Suits of Armor.

    The final duel

  3. -duel at the Astronomy Tower.
  4. -Voldemort and Harry crawling for their wands.
  5. -Voldemort Vs, Harry.
    Voldemort crawling towards Elder Wand


  6. -Harry Potter at the gates of the castle in the battle.
  7. -the trio in the Lestrange Vault.

Definitely a GREAT TRAILER! Can't wait to see this movie.