Hey All, Its an exciting time for Harry Potter Wiki! There are a lot of new users and some new features to the wiki. If you haven't seen them already make sure you "Like/Follow" Harry Potter Wiki's brand new Twitter and Facebook accounts. Stay in the loop on the latest wiki news and tidbits from the land of Harry Potter!


Also, I'm guessing most of you have noticed that Harry Potter Wiki has been adding some Affiliates! If you haven't already checked them out take a peek here. One of our newest affiliates is Hogwarts Extreme, an interactive Harry Potter RPG, where you can become a part of HP's world! Its pretty cool, make sure you check them out!

Hogwarts Extreme
Hogwarts Extreme is a website with the primary goal of putting one into the world of Harry Potter. Whether you want to role-play or interact, the choice is yours. Interaction features include classes, dorms, clubs, houses, dueling, shopping, owlpost, spell casting, a large user community, many interactive forums, polls, fan fiction/fan books in the library, your own pets, contests, an entire economy based off wizard money, items, auctions, trading, and so much more! Enroll today to begin your Hogwarts experience, and get into the world of Harry Potter!