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My life at Hogwarts Part 1: The Letter

AvatarQuan January 12, 2014 User blog:AvatarQuan

My name is Calvin Rankin and I am a wizard. I was born on April 2nd 1997. I was born to Scott and Evie Rankin. When I turned 7 strange things started to happen. At night I would sometimes have nightmares and I would wake up from a loud thud to find several objects either fallen over or sometimes they would be hovering. This happened on several occasions and I kept it from my parents. Until I turned 8. On the morning of my eighth birthday I showed them my power. After seeing me levitate a chair they seemed to realize what it meant. They went on to say that my wizard powers have formed and that they were both a witch and a wizard. We lived in South London. So they informed me that they were both magical as well and told me I would soon be able to learn about it. So 3 years later on the morning of my 11th birthday I went downstairs to find my mother and father sitting in the kitchen. My mother got up, came over to me and said Happy Birthday Dear and she handed me a letter. I opened it and it said I had been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was thrilled and as well as my parents. There was also a list of books and requirements enclosed. When August came my parents finally took me to get my stuff. To Be Continued

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