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  • Arteminx

    Lavender's Life Status

    September 11, 2011 by Arteminx

    Ok so there has been a lot of editing changing Lavender's life status to dead (which i have been reverting,but im stopping). There is absouletly no proof. In the movie they showed Greyback close to her neck. Greyback got blasted out of a window, and I may be wrong, but I never saw him after that. Now movies tend to cut out a bunch of parts. In this situation Lavender was just on the ground and Greyback was going to bite her. Where in the book Lavender and Greyback fell from the balcony and Greyback was GOING to bite her before Hermione shot him with a spell then Trelawney hit him with a crystal ball. In the book Greyback never touched her after they fell in the movie he was just close to her neck. Now heres another thought Greyback likes t…

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  • Arteminx

    HP Roleplay

    July 10, 2011 by Arteminx

    I have just created an hp roleplay wiki i hope for it to grow

    Please come and created your own character

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