Hi! I'm an administrator on Harry Potter Answers Wiki and I would like to propose a new system of administration, quite similar to the Ministry of Magic.


The administration will be divided into four sections or segments.

Minister for Magic and Support Staff

This section will control the entire administration of the Wiki.

Only Users with leadership skills are allowed to work in this department

Minister for Magic - The Minister for Magic is the supreme leader of the Wiki and decides what is best for the Wiki.

Requirements: Bureacrat

Senior Undersecretary to the Minister - The Senior Undersecretary assists the Minister in all matters regarding administration.

Requirements: Bureaucrat

Magical Law Enforcement Squad

The Law Enforcement Squad consists of Users who revert vandalism, bad faith edits and other minor accidents.

Only Users who are capable of quite reverting of bad faith edits are allowed to work in this department.

Head of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad - Heads the Law Enforcement Squad and directs them, as well as reverts bad faith edits.

Requirements: Administrator

Magical Law Enforcement Squad Members - Works in the Squad and assists the Ministry by reverting minor accidents, vandalism and bad faith edits.

Requirements: Rollback

Department of Magical Maintenance

The Magical Maintenance Department is the department which deals with technical issues of the Wiki such as skin, coding, text, bugs, etc.

Only Users with a high skill in coding and other technical issues and basic use of Java, C++ are allowed to work in this department.

Head of the Department of Magical Maintenance - Heads the Department and controls the tecnical issues, and is responsible for dealing with bugs.

Requirements: Bureaucrat

Magical Maintenance Officers - Helps the Wiki by changing skin, text, bugs, coding, etc.

Requirements: Administrator

Auror Office

The members of the Auror office, also known as Aurors assist the Wiki by banning vandals and skilled sockpuppets.

Only Users with high level of patience and skill in quick banning and knowledge of range blocks, and normal blocks as well as the knowledge of how to combat vandals and sockpuppets are allowed to work in this department.

Head of the Auror Office - The Head leads the Office and assists in combating vandals.

Requirements: Bureaucrat

Aurors - Aurors help the Wiki by combating vandals, trolls and sockpuppets.

Requirements: Administrator


So, what do you think? ;)