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  • Annabethxx50

    I'd like everyone to give opinions on this but here's mine:

    > When Sirius died, I could actually feel Harry's pain. Not because I like Sirius but the way HE loved Harry. it was like Harry lost a part of the family he needed..... The part that a certain three-people family didn't give him. Harry was actually happy after his parents death. So, the first reason would be the sadness of watching Sirius go through the curtains and NEVER see him come back. That was like CRUEL! I felt the vengeance of going after Bellatrix, to kill her! Sirius was a great God-Father and even Harry knew he wouldn't top affection for Teddy towards the way Sirius loved Harry.

    > I guess, the other sad part of the parting was that Sirius never forgetting Harry. People, e…

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