aka Anthony Kennedy

  • I live in Hawaii
  • I was born on November 16
  • My occupation is Dharma Scientist
  • I am Male
  • AngelVejarWriter

    I am proud to say I am addicted to Harry Potter. I was thinking of writing a story simular to Potter's about a pure blooded boy in a different wizarding school called Serendit. I already finished some of it. I will post it here. Maybe give some suggestions?

                                                   MONTURK SILAN: UNDER CONSTRUCTION


                                               Monturk Silan(Mon-TERK Sih-lin, a pureblood that has just turned fourteen, had  finally required to get into Serendit 93 Wizaring School. It's been his dream. He was born for magic. Lives for magic, and will die for magic. His mother had died in an explosion four years earlier, and his pure bl…

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