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What Does Harry Potter Mean to You?

"What does Harry Potter mean to you?"

Well, to be quite honest, I haven't had a chance to read any of the books at all. I am well aware that the Harry Potter Series is a must read, but I just don't feel like reading it...maybe it's cause I already know what happens....haha

But anywhos, Harry Potter honestly isn't anything really special to me--don't hate me--, other than the fact that all of it's movie productions were very well made, and yes, something that can be rewatched over and over again without becoming a bore quickly.

Even though Harry Potter isn't really anything special to me, I know quite a number of people that would probably die at this blog-- they are a 100% Harry Potter fan; they've read and own all the books and movies, are in a quidditch team, and even make Harry Potter inspired treats. They are a die hard fan hands down.

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